Rabies vaccination in dogs: is it necessary?

Rabies vaccinations are designed to prevent infection with the rabies virus. Germany has been almost rabies-free since 2008, but this is only the result of decades of consistent vaccination of as many animals as possible. Therefore, the permanent vaccination committee of the Federal Association of Practicing Veterinarians (BPT) recommends regular rabies vaccination for dogs. Here you can find out everything you need to know about this vaccination. Rabies vaccination in dogs: is it necessary? - Photo: Shutterstock / gorillaimages

Many dog ​​owners wonder whether a rabies vaccination is really necessary - after all, the risk of infection for dogs is negligible. However, the consequences of rabies infection are always fatal. Therefore, you should carefully consider and discuss the vaccination with the veterinarian you trust.

Rabies vaccination: that's why you should get your dog vaccinated

Even if rabies is considered eradicated in Germany, there is a risk that the disease will be introduced from other countries. Permanent vaccination protection for dogs is therefore necessary to ensure that the deadly infectious disease is contained permanently. Because if the dog is infected with the rabies virus and the disease breaks out in it, then it is always fatal. A gentler method would be to have the dog put to sleep right after the virus is identified. In addition, the disease can be spread to people. Here, too, the short course of the disease ends fatally, since there is currently no effective treatment option.

Symptoms and causes of rabies in dogs

Rabies is a deadly disease for which there is unfortunately no cure. What you got the symptoms ...

The rabies virus is transmitted by wild animals, in Germany these were mostly foxes, but in the meantime bats have become the main carriers of the viruses. It is very unlikely that rabies will infect your dog, as dogs hardly ever come into contact with bats under normal circumstances. Still very small, but still greater is the risk of infection from dogs illegally imported from abroad, from regions where the disease is not yet considered to be eradicated. If your dog is not vaccinated against rabies and is bitten by a sick animal, the national rabies regulation requires that your pet be put to sleep; because there is a reasonable suspicion of an infection. To be on the safe side, a rabies vaccination is therefore recommended for the dog.

When and how often is rabies vaccination necessary?

First, a basic immunization of your dog is necessary. Your puppy should receive the first vaccination after the third month of life. A month later, bring him to the second and a year later to the third vaccine to build immune protection. After that, a regular refreshment of the vaccination protection is necessary. Today it is no longer necessary to have the dog vaccinated against rabies annually, most vaccines last three years.

It is best to ask your veterinarian for advice that he protects your dog from infection with a rabies vaccination that is valid for three years and also writes this in the vaccination certificate. For example, if you want to travel with your four-legged friend to a country where there is still an increased risk of rabies infection, your dog needs valid vaccination protection.

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