Summer fun with cats: outdoor fun

Four-legged friends feel just as comfortable in the sunshine as their owners. Nice weather is therefore a great opportunity to move the daily game units outside. If you have a cat-safe balcony or garden at your disposal, you can easily turn it into a cat paradise with a bit of toys. Cat tent - Image: Amazon

Outdoor games are particularly exciting for cats who normally live indoors and only have limited access to a fenced-in garden area or on a balcony. But also one or the other free-keeper likes to be won over by a small game unit. For that there are different possibilities.

Nice cat toy for the balcony

With the right accessories, a cat-safe balcony becomes double the pleasure. Scratching post, viewing platform and Co. can be made by yourself or purchased in specialist shops. If you often let your cat out, you can also use it to build a small adventure playground for climbing, bouncing and romping around with a cat fishing rod, ribbon or ball.

Plants suitable for cats make the playground just as attractive as the feed ball and the play rod, which are even more popular sprinkled with catnip. A small course with play rails and Co. sweetens your sweet velvet paw the day in the sun, while rustling tunnels arouse the play instinct of curious tigers.

Kittens discover the world: tiny little free-roosters

Play with the cat in the garden

A garden offers more space and therefore more opportunity to play with your cat. Put fun and games on the water on warm days to encourage passionate water rats like the Maine Coon or the Turkish Van to splash around. A small swimming pool for cats is not only cute for this purpose, but also refreshing.

If you want to increase the fun, put a waterproof toy, a ball or a treat in the water and let your darling splash around and go fishing. Playing hide and seek in the cat tent or rustling tunnel is just as popular among the cute four-legged friends and can be made even more interesting with hidden treats.

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