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When we talk about York Chocolate we are talking about a relatively new breed that emerged during the 1980s in the United States, precisely in the State of New York, which is why the breed carries "York" in its name. The name Chocolate comes from the chocolate brown color commonly seen in its coat. As the breed was initially raised on a farm, it is common for the York Chocolate cat to maintain hunting instincts.

It is quite common for comparisons of raceYork Chocolate with farm cats, probably because it is a large, resistant and robust cat, however this breed has a glossy, semi-long and soft coat, which clearly differentiates it from farm cats.


Originating in the United States, the first copies of York Chocolate appeared during the 1980s of the last century, around 1983. The breed is the result of a cross between domestic cats, the father being a long black cat and the mother a white and black feline fur, also long. The chocolate-colored gene of this breed was probably inherited from Siamese predecessors - the ancient Siamese, which had characteristics different from the Siamese we know today -, who were common ancestors of both parents.

Many feline associations, such as TICA and FIFe, still do not recognize the breed. The Canadian Cat Association (CCA) recognizes theYork Chocolate breedsince 1995, as well as the CFF (Cat Fanciers Federation), thanks to the efforts of the breed creator Janet Chiefari. The crossing of York Chocolate with other breeds was allowed until October 2004 and the number of breeders is reduced.


Active cat, York Chocolate is known as a good hunter. With a playful temperament and affectionate manner, this cat is a good companion, coexisting very well with children and other pets, while maintaining good humor. If you live in small urban spaces, you can satisfy this feline's hunting needs with moving toys or interactive play - which are even his favorites. A feline of this breed is independent and easily manages to be alone, however, York Chocolate gladly accepts being petted, enjoying being close to people and participating in the activities of houses close to its humans, becoming quite loyal to its owner.

Because he likes to receive attention, thefeline York Chocolate you will find ways to get involved even when it’s not the owner’s focus, so don’t be surprised if this cat tries to help you when you’re working on your computer, washing your clothes, or just when you’re reading in your corner. Not being very talkative in terms of meows, the breed is best known for its purr, and it is common for a York to wait for you near the door, welcoming you with purrs to demonstrate the happiness of seeing you.


York Chocolate cat has similar aspects to the old Siamese - a little different from the Siamese that we know today. This cat's body is long and has characteristics that lie between the oriental and the foreign type, its bones are thin and its muscles long, but both are firm and solid. In this way, the York Chocolate cat is bigger and heavier - a male of the breed weighs 6 to 8 kg - than its Siamese predecessor. The head is slightly round, with a rounded skull, the snout is medium in size and the nose has no stop. The ears are set well apart, large in size and with slightly rounded tips, the presence of tufts in the region is desirable. The eyes are also set apart, appear large and slightly oval, the color varies between gold, hazel and green.

The hair of theYork Chocolate cat it is semi-long, thin and silky, soft to the touch, with a resistant undercoat. The regions of the neck and chest and thighs the coat is more dense. The color of your coat can be chocolate or uniform lilac or a bicolour composed of these two colors, always appearing glossy. Puppies are lighter than adults and tabby marks are accepted up to 18 months. The tail has abundant fur, is long and thin, tapering to the end. The small, rounded feet have long interdigital hair.

Specific care

This cat is low maintenance, not requiring great care. Even with the semi-long coat and the presence of undercoat, the York Chocolate breed needs only periodic brushing - usually weekly - to keep its coat soft, lustrous and free from dead hair.


Problems of genetic origin have not been found and are not expected inYork Chocolate breed cats. Because it is a cat with a semi-long coat, it is common for tricobenzoes to occur, that is, hair balls in the digestive system, an easily treatable problem and common in breeds with this type of coat.

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