Want a Ragdoll cat? Know some characteristics of this breed

According to scientific studies, feline owners have a lower incidence of heart problems. One of the biggest reasons for this statement is that cats relieve stress, and this is due to the simple fact of living with the cat and petting him, since such activity is relaxing.

One of the most coveted breeds today is theRagdoll cat, developed in the USA, around 1950. This breed draws attention by its giant size, weighing 9 kilos, they have beautiful blue eyes, live between 15 and 25 years, in addition to being very sensitive and intelligent.

The Ragdoll cat has its peculiarities.

He is docile, serene, homely, does not react to attacks, loves to receive affection. Several factors, from his health, temperament, fidelity, to the beautiful and silky, charming eyes, make this adorable cat the darling of the people.

However, thecat of the Ragdoll breed it requires certain care and attention. Before choosing to purchase any animal, it is necessary to analyze several factors and take into account the responsibility for adopting an animal. So it is essential to take them periodically to the veterinarian and with the help of medications and a balanced diet their health will be restored.

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Some aspects you need to know about this breed.

They are very needy, they act as if they were babies. It is not advisable for people who work all day and travel frequently, because when they are alone for a long time, they can get sick;

Be prepared for this investment, since this breed costs an average of R $ 1,500.00 to R $ 5,000.00 reais. It is worth researching for a different price and for the certainty of the breed's legitimacy, thus avoiding possible diseases and genetic errors;

Children get along very well with these cats, however you need to be careful, as the fur can trigger allergies. If you or someone in your household is allergic, it is best to consult a doctor.

Despite not having genetic defects, it is possible to appear heart disease, enzyme and kidney problems. As they are very hairy animals and lick themselves frequently, they tend to develop hairballs.

He needs special care, good quality food, visits to the veterinarian, combs him frequently and at least one bath a month.

With all of this in mind, whether you own or are looking for a ragdoll cat, you already have a lot of extra information that can help in the day-to-day of your relationship with them!

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