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Spinone Italiano, which in some places is also known as Pointer Italiano, is the hunting dog for any purpose of Italians. This is a breed of Pointer dogs from the old school, which means that they are dogs with very slow feet, similar to those that were used before the era of shooting wings. Breed aficionados believe that Spinone Italiano came about after the cross between a thick-haired Italian Setter with the dogs left by the Greek merchants and other dogs brought from the Adriatic Sea coast, after which crosses with White Mastiffs and dogs were added. maybe even Griffon Frances.


Virtually every country in Europe has at least one breed of dog of the Pointer type that was bred in its territories at least three centuries ago and each of these dogs was developed taking into account the weather, the needs and climatic conditions of each of these regions. The district of Piedmonte, which is located in northwest Italy, is primarily responsible for the development of the Spinone Italiano like a multi-valiant dog. At the time, the responsible breeders said that this breed would outperform all other Italian hunting dogs as a highly efficient worker.

These dogs were present in many paintings by famous artists of the Middle Ages, the best known of these paintings is a fresco by Andrea Mantegna that is in the Ducal Palace of Mantua, which was made in the 15th century.


You Spinone Italiano dogs they are very active and energetic dogs. These dogs love to play and work in the field, but they are also perfectly happy as long as they can be with their family. This breed is naturally careful and suspicious, so it is up to the owner of one of these dogs to socialize with other people and other dogs constantly and from puppies, in addition to providing training for them as soon as possible. Spinone Italiano is the typical dog that should stay the way it is, so frequent baths, grooming and visits to canine beauticians are highly discouraged; he only needs occasional brushing and being untangled with his hands from time to time. Despite that, the owners of this dog must keep an eye out - after drinking something, his messy, wet beard will likely leave a water path behind wherever he goes!

Spinone Italiano dogs they are excellent Retriever dogs by nature (although they are classified as Pointer dogs) and, in addition, they are experienced hunters in almost any type of terrain. The Spinone Italiano is a robust, sociable and docile dog. Its hard and dense coat and its thick skin make it able to negotiate with hunting in any type of undergrowth, in addition to withstanding very well in the cold water that would do quite severe damage in any other breed of dog that was subjected to it and that didn’t have such efficient natural armor. In addition, these dogs are quite resistant to tiredness and have a willingness to trot quickly that would cause astonishment for many other breeds.


This breed was developed considering the terrain and climate patterns of the Italian region, being a robust dog, very muscular and with a very strong bone structure, with a hard coat that is characteristic of the breed, which also has a typically square outline.

THE Spinone Italiano it has an oval head, with a stop not very marked, but visible. The truffle of dogs of this breed has a spongy appearance, with a large volume and flesh pink in dogs with white coat, being a little darker in white and orange dogs and reaching a tone that is between brown and brown in brown roan specimens. Its snout has a length equal to that of the dog's head and seen in profile it looks straight or slightly convex. Spinone Italiano's eyes are quite large, set at a good distance from each other and are always wide open, with an almost perfect rounded shape, usually of an ocher color that varies between more or less dark depending on the color of the dog's hair .

The ears of dogs of this breed have the shape of a triangle and are quite long - despite that, they must not exceed 5 cm below the bottom line of the dog's throat - and are slightly rounded at the tips. They are dropped to the side of the dog's cheeks and are usually carried low. Spinone Italiano's tail is quite thick, especially at its base, and should be carried low or horizontal, without fringes. These dogs must have their tail clipped, with a length varying between 15 and 25 cm.

Specific care

THE Spinone Italiano he only needs a few occasional brushing, not needing grooming and much less frequent bathing, which can end up damaging the natural protection his coat offers him.


Spinone Italiano is a very healthy dog ​​and does not have any health problems that are specific to the breed.

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