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THE Beagle is a dog of English origin used to hunt hares. Queen Isabel I had a famous pack, in which all dogs were less than 25 cm, some were so small that they could be carried in jacket pockets. It is also said that, during her banquets, the queen dropped her dogs on the table, between the plates.

Owner of a docile and playful personality, he can be a little noisy when not properly trained; however, this does not make it a difficult dog to deal with on a day-to-day basis, and makes friendship very easy with children. Although he is not among the most obedient dog breeds, his behavior is captivating and very dedicated; but it needs training to follow commands and behave.


The origins ofBeagle they are confusing, but, mainly, it is believed that it was the Romans who took the ancestors of these dogs to England, in order to use them in the hunting of rabbits. It is speculated that, once there, several breeds of hunting dogs were crossed. In the 16th century, the Beagles began to really spread throughout England and, at the end of the 19th century, there were several varieties of dogs and the breed was not yet fixed.

Although it became better known in the 18th century - when it started to be used in England as a hares hunter - there are records that mention the existence of dogs of the breed since the 3rd century. During medieval times, the term “beagle” was used to define small dogs; at the time, there was not yet a race clearly connected to the name.

According to historians who study Beagle origins, his survival over such a long time was guaranteed, mainly, due to his sniffer skills; in addition to the existence of breeders dedicated to perpetuating and maintaining the breed - including Queen Elizabeth I - who maintained the breed known as Pocket Beagle (in translation, Pocket Beagle). During her reign, she created a series of Beagles on her premises, blindingly to develop even an extremely small breed variant - measuring between 20 and 23 centimeters in length.

According to records, the breed comes from even smaller dogs raised in the days of Eduardo II and Henrique VII; known as Glove Beagle (in translation, Beagle de Luva), since its size was small enough to fit inside a glove. It was from the 17th century onwards that the Southern Hound and North Country Beagle (or Nothern Hound) breeds became popular through the hunting of rabbits and hares - starting to develop in slightly larger forms through the effort of farmers; that promoted the survival of the breed with the aim of having game animals.

Nowadays, the race is still very famous, however, due to a not very happy story. Because it is used constantly in scientific tests with animals, the Beagle ended up in the spotlight after the invasion of the Royal Institute, in São Roque, in the interior of São Paulo - which happened in 2013.

At the time, a series of activists entered the site to release hundreds of specimens of the breed, which were kept at the institute to serve as guinea pigs for tests aimed at helping to discover medicines and solutions for human diseases.


The Beagle is brave, cheerful, affectionate and intelligent. It is a hunting dog created to chase prey in the field and was used to living in packs, which makes them predisposed to the company. The Beagle is quiet and adapts to all types of life, both in the countryside and in the city. It is a vital dog and is usually very mischievous.

It must be trained to become obedient and answer calls and commands from the owners, since it tends to be stubborn and a little noisy when not trained - being able to bark a lot. Although not very suitable for owners who have never had pet dogs, the Beagle needs firm and patient owners, as its training may require a certain amount of time and dedication.

Making it more successful these days as a companion dog and pet; the breed also has a great sense of smell, having already been used, even, by the American police to exercise the function of sniffer dog in airports, looking for smugglers of food and drugs.


With a sweet expression, the Beagle is a dog with a muscular and compact appearance in its constitution. It has long ears that fall to the sides and hair that is soft, short, dense and resistant to the outdoors. The Beagle is usually tricolor and has white edges. Its coat is quite short and almost impermeable, being smooth and quite thick.

The weight of dogs of the breed varies a lot, since it depends on the height and size of the animal. According to the International Cynophilia Federation, the dogs of the breed must measure more than 33 centimeters and less than 40 centimeters and, as a result, the weight of a Beagle can vary from 8 to about 14 kilos.

Specific Care

Because it has a short and smooth coat, the Beagle is very easy to clean, and it is necessary to pay special attention to the ears - which, because they are drooping and long, have a greater tendency to accumulate dirt and cause diseases such as otitis. THE Beagle is an inexhaustible dog and it is evident that you need to do daily exercises; spending a lot of his energy so that he doesn't become sad or obese - since he is also a very hungry breed and has a tendency to put on weight.

It has a great sense of smell and once loose and without a collar, it can disappear following a trail, completely ignoring the calls of its owner - proving that its training must be done from a young age, avoiding this type of situation.


THE Beagle characterized by his great appetite, he never gets tired of eating, if he doesn't have a controlled diet, he may have weight problems. Despite this, it is a very healthy dog ​​and will rarely have to be taken to the vet.

Eye problems can be relatively common in dogs of the breed, and Harder's Gland Hyperplasia (also known as the “third eyelid”) is a complication that can arise throughout its life, consisting of the formation of a species of spongy meat in the corner of the animal's eyes.

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