Abandonment of dogs already exceeds 20 million in Brazil

That the abandonment of dogs in Brazil is a major problem is no longer a novelty. However, it is still possible to be surprised by the situation in which many dogs live today, considering that the country is, today, the second largest consumer of pet products and services in the world, having handled more than R $ 14 billion over the course of 2013.

Taking into account the fact that Brazil currently has about 37 million domesticated dogs and approximately 21 million pet cats, it is even more shocking to know that the country already has up to 30 million abandoned animals (according to data released by PUC Campinas) and the abandonment of dogs represents up to 20 million of that account.

Doing a quick count according to the current Brazilian population, it is possible to conclude that, mainly in large cities, the number of people for dogs is five to one (that is, for every five inhabitants there is a dog). That number would be a pleasant thing to know if it weren't for the fact that up to 10% of these animals are now on the streets of the country, either because they were abandoned or because they ran away or lost their homes.

In addition to provoking revolt in people who love animals, such data also does not seem to make sense when we remember the good old jargon that defines dogs as man's best friends. However, as the specific laws of the country that try to guarantee the welfare of animals and the punishment of those who commit any kind of abuse against pets are still very few and quite unknown, it is difficult to create a scenario where animals are respected and their 'abusers' severely punished.

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Seeking to make the population aware of responsible ownership, which defends the affection, care, food and permanent shelter of animals that are adopted as pets, a series of entities and partners is launching more and more campaigns, as is the case of CRMV-SP (Regional Council of Veterinary Medicine of São Paulo), which has just presented a booklet on the topic that should be distributed in veterinary clinics, associations linked to the sector and tolls.

With the objective of reducing the abandonment of dogs and the end of prejudice against mongrel dogs as main goals, the Vira-Latas Project is another that contributes to raising awareness about responsible ownership, and expects the help of the population to launch a documentary that encourages this discussion in the movie theaters of All country.

Therefore, if your desire is to adopt or buy a pet dog or cat, be sure to check that you and your family are in accordance with the precepts that defend the responsible ownership of animals, since a pet is not a pet. toy and deserves care, love, food and shelter throughout his life.

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