Guard dogs: know the ideal breeds of dogs for farms

There are still many people today who live in farms. To protect this environment is the watchdog, which in addition to a faithful friend, protects the home and owners, ensuring the safety of the home. Site dogs must be breeds that perform this function. The German Shepherd is a watchdog, created just to secure property. It is an animal attached to people in the family.

Youdogs for sites are very desired. Often, people need protection, and they resort to animals that do this job very well. The competent watchdog is not just an animal that attacks intruders. The important thing is that he scares off the invaders before they decide to jump over the wall. For many years our faithful companions have served as guardians. Youfarm dogs have several temperaments. You can choose through the characteristics of the breed, appropriate to the situation.

For sites: breeds that combine guard and work

The Rottweiler is also a great watchdog, but it is kind of rough. He is a leader, can weigh 50 KG, has a personality that likes to challenge the owner. It is not a dog with a lot of patience with children. Dobermam is more astute, really fights and is bad with intruders. It was created starting from a line of several genetic crosses, and it bears the name of its creator.

The Great Dane takes up a lot of space. It is a super active animal, but it is not very good at guarding, as it is very tame. For those who want to join a company with great guard, the Boxer is ideal. She loves being around people and offers powerful protection. Due to its characteristics, it was one of the first breeds used by the German police.

The Border Collie is very smart and mega active. It is a pastor dogwho takes care of other animals. You need space to run. The Siberian Husky uses up all the energy, so a large space is indicated. You dogs for sites,they are usually the leaders of the group. The contact of these animals with everyone in the family is important.

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