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Whenever people talk about dogs, the main concern is to explain everything based on the breeds and which ones are more suitable for which situation. However, why not talk about the mongrel dog and all its charm?

But what is a mongrel dog?

Veterinary professionals classify mongrels as SDR dogs (No Breed Defined). Popularly, any dog ​​that does not have the appearance of a breed is considered to be a mongrel dog, however, clinically the term covers a larger number of dogs.

The pedigree dog is considered to have a pedigree with a certificate issued. Any kind of mixture in the dog's lineage already makes him considered a mestizo, that is, a mongrel. Currently, it is possible to issue this certificate through testing, but it is still expensive.

The mongrel dog has no definite characteristics, neither physical nor personality. As it is a mixture of several breeds, they can have any kind of variation in appearance and size.

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Truth or lie?

Many myths are generated by popular wisdom around stray dogs in every way. But not all are true.

"Mongrel dogs are smarter than pedigree dogs." Lie. Every dog ​​has the same learning ability, everything will depend on how the owner breeds it. The truth is that some breeds of dogs are naturally predisposed to some natural activities of the breed itself. As a mongrel is of mixed race, he may be predisposed to any activity.

"Mongrel dogs don't need to be vaccinated." Every dog ​​should be treated and medicated in the same way, regardless of breed. Any puppy is liable to suffer from illness.

“Mongrel dogs are stronger than purebred dogs”. Half truth. The mixture of races made the SDR dogs create more resistance and adaptation than purebred dogs. However, the characteristic of greater resistance of cans is more related to street cans, which by an event called selective pressure (survival of the strongest) makes them more resistant, the cans created at home that received all the care since young.

Like any other domestic dog, it has the same predisposition to diseases as the same. It is also worth remembering that many breeds have a greater facility to develop certain diseases characteristic of the breeds.

Why not adopt a mongrel dog?

A common and widespread practice today is that of adopting abandoned dogs. Unfortunately, most of the dogs found in shelters are mutts taken from the streets.

The shelters do a serious job of recognizing and adapting the animal to the new family, taking care to always make sure that everything is fine with everyone.

Adopting is great, every dog ​​deserves a chance.

Still on adoption

If there is a doubt which dog to adopt or raise and there is no need for a breed capable of carrying out a specific job, the mongrel dog is a great option. He will not give the owner the status that a pedigree dog would give, but without a doubt the person who adopts a mongrel is giving a dog a chance that would probably never have a home simply because it does not have a defined breed.

As previously stated, the mixed breed dog is a dog like any other, the fact that it has often left the streets to enter a family home does not make it immune to everything, it needs attention, affection and care. Even though it is not natural for the mongrel dog to be picky with food, it is always better to feed it with the proper ration for its size, which avoids a series of diseases and health problems.

When removing a puppy directly from the street, always take it to the vet first to find out what the pet's health conditions are, give the vaccines and take care of possible problems that the mongrel dog may have before taking it home . In addition, always remember that NGOs existing in the region where you live are a great option, trustworthy institutions tend to spay, vaccinate and dewormer dogs. The city hall of the city of São Paulo, for example, has a program called PROBEM, aimed at adoption of dogs and cats.

How do dogs live in NGO shelters / kennels?

An animal, be it a puppy or a kitten, that lives in a serious shelter is well treated, with food, water and necessary care at its disposal, that is, it is in a better situation than a pet that is on the street subject to several problems.

Still, the condition of a mongrel dog in an NGO is not the idea, for example, there the attention provided is limited, as caregivers are concerned with several animals, among other limitations. To the adopt a mongrel, the vast majority of dogs in shelters, the person is not only helping that dog, but is making room for other dogs to be rescued and to be safer. After all, your owner will not spend to have it as with purebred dogs.

How the mongrel dog behaves and looks

The mongrel, mongrel or SRD dog is a dog that can have a lineage so diffuse that it is impossible to determine which dogs gave rise to it, or it is a clear cross between certain breeds, as said before.

Street mongrel dogs, especially those who once had a home and were abandoned, tend to be very loyal. Loyalty is a recognized characteristic in several dog breeds, but it is believed that the mongrel creates a special bond with its owner by spending so much time on the streets. It is common, even more so in large cities, to see situations where stray dogs become inseparable companions of homeless people. This is believed to be because this dog learned how to survive on its own and realized that it benefited from being docile and friendly.

One mixed breed dog chances of being insecure or suspicious like any dog ​​of any breed. This is often due to the dog's history of abuse; making it more risky, but in general they tend to be loving and caring and not without emotions as some people believe.

The typical mongrel in Brazil is easily recognized by people, it is a medium-sized dog, with short hair that presents itself in different colors between black and light beige, which varies with the conditions of the environment in which it lives. However, the mongrel may have a different appearance and temperament according to its origin, something that the owner will hardly know.

So it is very difficult to define a pattern for mongrel while purebred dogs have been modified to have certain behavior and two identical mutts will never be found. These dogs, especially those who lived on the street, have adapted to the environment and are capable of doing various feats that perhaps some dogs of breed will never do.

Do you already know the Vira-Latas Project?

Started with the edition of a special book of images on the theme, in 2008, the Vira-Latas Project gains even more form today; having the launch of a documentary throughout the country as its main objective today. With the participation of personalities from the most diverse areas of activity (including names dear to Brazilians such as comedian Danilo Gentili, singer Roni Von and actress Juliana Didone), the feature film seeks the help of animal lovers to finance the project ; in a short time, it may be the first Brazilian film ever released, exclusively, with popular help.

Receiving donations in exchange for thanks in the film and exclusive gifts, on the Kickante website, the Vira-Latas Project is waiting for your help so that it can help to raise the awareness of the population from all over Brazil regarding the mongrel dogs - who, even today, suffer from the prejudice of many and end up being neglected by the general population, being abandoned in shelters, or worse, on the streets.

Created and directed by publicist Tiago Ferigoli - also responsible for the creation of the Animi brand; focused on the production of garments with prints of mutts that have part of the income reverted to contribute to the project - the Vira-Latas Documentary awaits your donation HERE !!

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