Cute, funny or serious: take the best pictures of your cat

Have you ever thought about making your birthday or wedding invitation with the photo of your pet cat? Although the idea is great, this task is not that easy and requires a lot of dedication to take pictures of cats. To begin with, a lot of patience. It is normal for the cat to mess around when you don't have a camera in your hand, and when it does, it seems to make fun of you and refuses to do any pose. This is normal, so try to photograph it when you are distracted or playing, as the results are usually very good.

The best time to take pictures of cats it is after that nap that makes cats wake up super-refreshed (as well as hungry). Before that, he may be withdrawn and not want to talk. The cat should be photographed in a familiar environment, because if you take him to a park or any other place with the intention of photographing him, he will certainly be distracted by the new smells and landscapes and his photo session will go by water. bellow.

Set up a background for the photos

If the theme is your birthday, some balloons and party hats would be a good choice for setting up a backdrop. Use your creativity, because there is no need to invest so much in the infra to enhance your photos. One or two accessories are already able to transform the environment and arouse curiosity in the pussy. Test multiple angles before taking pictures of your cat to find out which one will be the best, and don't forget that your pet is not like people who know how to smile and pose, so you will have to be patient between the intervals of the photos.

Remember, also, to choose a pose that looks as natural as possible and, if necessary, ask someone for help to get the animal's attention when photographing. The result is usually the best. After all this preparation, choose one of the bestpictures of cats and surprise your friends with creative and very unusual invitations.

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