Prevent grass mites: How to protect your dog

Because grass mites can cause severe itching and inflammation in your dog, you probably want to prevent infestation. But unfortunately it's not quite that simple. The grass mite risk is zero where there is no lawn - Photo: Shutterstock / GTeam

Because the only way to really prevent grass mites would be to avoid grass areas completely. And of course that is unthinkable as a dog owner. However, some areas are more affected by the pests than others.

Grass mites: Prevention is only possible to a limited extent

Grass mites are abundant, especially on meadows where farm animals are standing or on which animals are often found. Because the parasites feed on the vascular fluids of mammals and reproduce accordingly if they have many hosts at their disposal.

To protect your dog from infestation with the pests, there are various sprays and spot-on preparations, such as those you use against fleas and ticks. As with other parasites, these agents do not guarantee that your dog will not actually get mites.

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Is your own lawn affected?

To find out whether the meadow in your own garden is also affected by the mites, you can carry out a very simple test. Simply place a white sheet of paper on the lawn in the sun. If the parasites are also at home in your home, they will soon gather in the warm place. It is controversial whether special agents for treating the lawn can really kill the torturers. However, you can significantly reduce the number of small arachnids or prevent infestation if you regularly cut your lawn short.

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