Animal rehabilitation center is the theme of a seminar at PET Rio Expo

A series of lectures were given during the third edition of PET Rio Expo, held from March 25 to 27 at the SulAmérica Convention Center, in Rio de Janeiro (RJ), with discussions and the exposure of important data related to health and the market pet among its main themes. Still new in Brazil, the animal rehabilitation center was not left out of the event, and was the highlight of a debate held on the day that closed the fair, addressing successful cases in the veterinary pet sector.

Led by Dr. Ricardo Lopes - owner and director of Fisio Care Pet - the presentation of the success story of his animal rehabilitation center drew the attention of the participants of the debate, who could have a better idea of ​​the type of action necessary to form, open, manage and succeed with such an undertaking in the national territory.

“Although pet rehabilitation centers and animal physiotherapy are still unknown to many, this is the type of service that all pet owners will need at some point - whether due to the pets' advanced age or because of others mobility problems and even obesity that the animal may have ”, explains Lopes, adding that, until approximately five years ago, the discipline of veterinary physiotherapy did not even exist in the segment's universities.

Gaining more and more followers and recognition in the world of veterinary medicine, these specialized centers now have a series of innovations of great help for animals with dysfunctions or mobility-related problems - being aquatic therapy one of the great novelties of the branch, and that can accelerate the process of recovery of a pet with complications in this sense by up to 60%.

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According to Dr. Ricardo Lopes, market recognition, the definition of a dissemination strategy, the formation of a network of partnerships and the projection of an image of credibility are fundamental items for those who wish to launch themselves in the business of the business center. animal rehabilitation. Check out, below, some important points pointed out by Lopes that should be followed in this journey to success:

Market recognition

Those who want to enter the segment must be fully aware of the market in which they will operate, in view of what are the biggest difficulties of the business and who are its main competitors, being able to evaluate their service in relation to the others offered by the market. In addition, the identification of opportunities must be a constant focus on the part of those who launch themselves in this market; since it is precisely through them that your enterprise can evolve or sink.

Disclosure strategy

It is necessary to identify the target audience of the establishment and who are its potential customers, defining the area in which they operate and the type of interest they may have in the business. Veterinary professionals, students, specialists or pet owners: all of them must have their interests properly determined, allowing the targeting of the disclosure to be done in the most correct way.

Partner network

Professionals, companies, hospitals or veterinary clinics who can indicate their service to potential clients (such as pet owners) must also be identified - in addition to being carefully chosen, as the establishment's credibility is fundamental to the success of any business related to pet health.


The media, vehicles and internet pages where your business can be advertised should gain attention in the planning, and the type of disclosure to be done must be well studied; so that the elaboration of folders, articles or promotional actions can be directed in the right way and attract new customers.

According to Lopes, although this type of tool can help a lot in publicizing the business and its services, the best indication that there is in this market is the famous “word of mouth” - since, even with many fans, social networks like Facebook guarantee the attraction of only 0.5% of the public and an establishment.

As mentioned, building a credibility image in the world of animal health it is essential for the success of an enterprise in the sector; and the participation of company professionals in events such as congresses, seminars, lectures at colleges of veterinary medicine and even television programs can contribute a lot to this.

Along with this, the publication of articles signed by company professionals can also be a good option of dissemination with credibility. The elaboration of specific campaigns on problems that have a solution in your business - such as the distribution of informative folders on the benefits of animal physiotherapy for obese dogs, for example - can also be very useful as a way of spreading and recognizing your brand; although it does not guarantee the attraction of many new customers.

Contacts and competitors mapping

Before opening the center, it is necessary to map the main contacts and competitors who are within a radius of approximately 12 kilometers from where the establishment is housed - being able to assess the presence of professionals who can assist in the business (such as orthopedists, acupuncturists, neurologists, endocrinologists and physiotherapists in veterinary medicine), and also, what kind of service you can be "replaced" by the developments in the vicinity.

Expansion of the corporate network

“Opening franchises in the veterinary medical field is very complicated, since this type of business requires a large and detailed structure. However, opening your business for brand licensing and consulting can be a good way to expand your business without any problems ”, comments Ricardo Lopes.

Today, with eight animal rehabilitation centers (spread between Greater São Paulo and the interior of the state, Fisio Care Pet already has interested in the brand licensing in eight Brazilian states (Rio Grande do Sul, Mato Grosso, Brasília, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espírito Santo, Paraná and Santa Catarina), with countries like Uruguay and Argentina also joining the list of possible licensees of the network.

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