Records with Cats

  • Meet the Fattest Cat in the World

    It's no joke, after the death of his predecessors, SpongeBob and Meow, the new fattest cat in the world is American and, in addition, he is the namesake of the most beloved and well-known lazy cat in the world, Garfield. the youngest crowned as the most ...

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  • Meet the Biggest Cat in the World

    Records are there to be broken. That's what many say and with the record book, the Guinness Book, being released every year, it's thousands of records broken in a few months. However, there are some records that are so absurd that they remain for a few years with the same ...

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  • Meet the Smallest Cat in the World

    Just like humans, animals also have a chance of suffering anomalies during the gestation process and, as a result, they can appear with numerous different characteristics, one of which is when the animal or person is born with a height not so high. That's what...

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