Do cats also get Alzheimer's disease?

According to veterinarian Lee Harris of Southern California, not only humans, but also their pets, dogs and older cats, suffer from Alzheimer's disease, the Washington Post reports.

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According to Harris, this is due to the growing longer life of pets, and thus - the appearance of senile dementia. He calls this the Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. It is the result of the loss of brain cells in memory and behavioral centers.

It is estimated that every second dog over 10 years of age shows symptoms of this disorder. Edinburgh University specialists estimate that the same is true for cats: one in two who lives more than 15 years of age and one in four aged 11-14 suffer from it.

Dementia in tetrapods is manifested by worse orientation both in the field and at home. Cognitive dysfunction can also cause some aggressive behavior. Active animals are less exposed to it. Movement and memory exercises, interactive games with humans, walks, a close bond with the guardian are the best prevention for feline and canine elderly people. Youth will not come back, but it will help to delay the symptoms of dementia significantly.

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