Winter is coming, the temperature can drop below freezing at night already. In the stairwells of many blocks, there is a message asking you to close the basement windows - all this to reduce heating costs.

A window on the importance of life

Meanwhile, by closing the window, we prevent free-living cats from living freely, we condemn them to death, and after all, it is enough to have a little good will, to provide one window, in the entrance of which it is enough to hang a thick blanket or invest in a special door from a pet store. Let us not condemn cats to wander, let us provide them with a safe, warm shelter and not only help them survive the winter, but also protect ourselves and our homes against unwanted intruders - rats, mice and vermin.

Information campaigns on windows are conducted by many animal pro-foundations, we like the one in the form of a poster, the author of which is the Change the World Foundation from Tarnow:

The poster prepared by the Foundation can and must be distributed on a large scale, it is enough to print and hang it in your staircase, next door, in the next block - you can also post the whole estate - as long as you can reach as many people as possible.

Let us realize - cats are not intruders, without them we cannot cope with rodents

“Mice and rats are the most common intruders in our cellars - these rodents cause great losses by destroying food and other items stored in the cellar. They are carriers of infectious diseases (mainly rats). If you invite cats into your basement, the rats and mice populations will decrease. Cats on guard will cause rats to choose other safer places to settle. A cat is the safest, most reliable, cheapest and long-term way of deratization. The cat is your ally. Treat him like a friend. Open the basement window, give me a bowl of food and water. Let him live in your basement and protect you from rodents. A cat is a pure creature - it takes care of its physiological needs outside the place where it lives. Don't make his life difficult - don't close the basement windows. Closing the basement windows leads to long-term imprisonment of cats inside, and consequently contamination of the rooms, may also cause death by starvation. " Let's Change the World Foundation

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