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  • Caring for a Cat - Hints and Tips

    When you decide to take home a new pet, whether adopted or purchased, you must first think very carefully about the responsibilities you are assuming and be aware that taking care of a cat requires some effort. Taking care of a cat is not a seven-headed animal and seven lives, but ...

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  • Cat Allergy - Who is the villain, the fur or the saliva?

    Allergy to cats is a very uncomfortable problem in the lives of those who have a feline pet, and can greatly restrict their time playing with the cat, since in a very short period some reactions already begin to manifest in people, depending on of the animal's allergens.

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  • Gato em Casa - Ensuring a good environment

    A cat is like a baby, it needs some adjustments in the home, to have a better life. Having a cat at home is good, but some changes can improve this relationship even more. If you decide to have a cat at home, note that the pet needs a space inside the house, they are animals ...

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