Upbringing: This is important for the Bernese Mountain Dog

A good-natured, balanced family dog ​​- that's the Bernese Mountain Dog. You can find out here what is very important in the education of the Swiss four-legged friend and what difficulties you could encounter. The dear Bernese Mountain Dog sometimes tends to be stubborn when brought up - Image: Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

As a rule, you shouldn't have any major problems raising this breed. The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very relaxed contemporary who has practically no tendency to aggression and listens well to his caregiver. This is mainly due to the fact that the nature of this four-legged friend is very person-related, good-natured and patient.

Bernese Mountain Dog: Motivation is important

As with most breeds, you should start socializing early in the Bernese Mountain Dog so that there are no problems with other dogs later on. Because he is so fond of children and family-oriented, there are hardly any problems with the little ones.

However, consequence is an important point if you want to raise a dog of this breed. With all their good-naturedness, Bernese mountain dogs tend to be somewhat stubborn. However, if you motivate your four-legged friend as positively as possible - for example with treats and praising words - they should quickly listen to you.

Bernese Mountain Dog: The Big One from Switzerland

Education: Tips from the dog school

Even if the Bernese Mountain Dog is usually relatively easy to train, it can help you to go to a dog school with him as a puppy. There, your new animal roommate will not only practice dealing with fellow species, but you will also get tips for keeping, bringing up, etc.

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