First aid for shock: Tips for the dog

If your dog has been in shock, quick action is required. Before taking him to the vet, you should definitely give first aid. These measures can help in an emergency. If your dog is in shock, quick action is required - Image: Shutterstock / Igor Normann

A shock can be caused by the cardiovascular system or, for example, due to poisoning. In any case, the dog quickly needs first aid. The most important step is to put the animal on one side immediately - if possible on a blanket so that it stays warm. The head and spine should be in a straight line.

First aid for the dog: this is important

Place a pillow or similar under the back of the body so that it is slightly elevated. Make sure that the dog's neck is stretched so that its breathing is not hampered. Possibly open the four-legged catch if it doesn't get enough air. Since animals suffering from shock are often hypothermic, you should pay attention to body temperature. A hot water bottle or a grain pillow can help here. It is best to place them in front of the animal's belly.

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In case of a shock, go to the vet quickly

If the dog is conscious, let him drink some water. Dehydration would only further weaken him. If there is visible bleeding, try to stop it with a sterile compress. In any case, you should take the animal to the vet as soon as possible as soon as you have used these first aid measures.

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