West Highland White Terrier: being

Small but powerful: the West Highland Terrier is never scared. The friendly four-legged friend with the white fur is endowed with great self-confidence and a brave character. Happy and confident dog: The West Highland White Terrier - Image: Shutterstock / Zoonar GmbH

If you let a Westie move in with you, you opt for a lively little family member with a cheerful nature and many colorful properties, thanks to which there is never a dull moment.

Playful and active: the West Highland White Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier is a dog that loves variety. Anyone who deals with games, fun and challenges for their heads every day makes them happy and will experience them in an adventurous and friendly way. Smart as he is, he learns quickly and can learn many tricks if he is not having one of his headstrong moments.

A little daredevil

The Westie is not a little squirrel. He has no problem going out in wind and weather and is brave and a bit daring when he goes for a walk. If you are not careful, he can sometimes even be rebellious towards other, preferably larger, dogs. Basically, he is a social little guy who only needs to be slowed down a little in order not to get cocky. Equipped with a hunting instinct, the West Highland Terrier is also a very attentive, curious dog that will not miss a thing.

Loyal, loving family member

The cute British four-legged friend is an asset to active families, couples and individuals. He is loving, empathetic, child-friendly and adaptable. His charming nature is complemented by his loyal, affectionate and fairly straightforward nature.

West Highland White Terrier: Small white family dog

What you should be able to deal with is the stubbornness of the dog, which you best treat with loving consistency and a little humor - this dog knows what he wants!

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