Naughty kitten Kodi goes on a climbing tour

Kitty Baby Kodi, the star in this video, has only been in his new family for two days when he decides he wants to practice climbing. However, it seems that his new roommate Shorty is not very comfortable, as you can see at the end of the video ...

Little Kodi was adopted from an animal rescue station and is really a lively little guy. In order to let off steam, he tries again and again to climb his leg.

Shorty, the second cat in the apartment, looks at it for a while. Ultimately, however, she seems to think that it is enough: bravely she intervenes and chases away the cheeky little Kodi, who will then promptly look for a new toy. By the way, the two have become really big friends!

Cats on a climbing tour: clever little sports cannons

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