Tibetan Terrier: sporty family dog

The clever, active Tibetan Terrier needs a lot of employment, variety and a close family connection. Anyone who can offer him this will have a great, affectionate and reliable family animal in the friendly little guy with the long fur. Note his athletic talent when keeping the Tibetan Terrier - Image: Shutterstock / manfredxy

The Tibetan Terrier wants to be challenged and move a lot. Nice long walks are just as much fun as visits to dog sports. If you want to go hiking or cycling with him, you will find a loyal companion in the Tibetan Terrier. Most representatives of this breed do not find water so well. It is very important for the lively dog ​​from Tibet to spend a lot of time with its owners.

Tibetan Terrier: Attitude in the family

The Tibetan Terrier is very suitable for keeping in an active family. This should be able to take it with you everywhere. Who would have to leave him alone a lot is not well advised with this incredibly clingy dog.

The playful fur nose gets along well with children and is compatible with other dogs. She enjoys the time when she can run around with her buddies on a walk - a stopover on the dog meadow should come in handy for the cute little dog in between.

Sport and exercise

Sports that do justice to the intelligence and the urge to move of the Tibetan dog are perfect for him. For example, he should be very skillful at agility. Since he can jump incredibly well, he will cut a fine figure especially with the obstacles. He also likes to let off steam in the dog place.

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Intelligence toys help the four-legged friend to keep themselves occupied when they are in the house - or maybe you would like to learn tricks and tricks with him? The happy Tibetan Terrier will be happy to join in.

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