Hana and Maru: fight for cat bed

"This is my cat bed!", Cat Hana obviously wants to make clear to her buddy Maru in this video. But the cheeky hangover doesn't give up and wants to conquer the cozy hiding place for himself ...

Tom Maru shows in this film that he likes to annoy his playmate Hana from time to time. The cute cat has made himself comfortable in a red cat bed - to the displeasure of Maru. He therefore tries to guide the kitty out of her sleeping place. Hana has to get out of bed several times and Maru chases her through the room.

But the pretty velvet paw defends her cat bed fantastically: Again and again she manages to find her way back to her sleeping place. Tom Maru finally has to realize that the red bed belongs to Hana and have to look for another place to hide or sleep.

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