Galgo Espanol: greyhound with a calm character

The Galgo Espanol is a Spanish greyhound with a very pleasant character. Except for his urge to move, he is a fairly undemanding dog who can appear a little shy from time to time. Meek and fast as the wind: The Galgo Espanol - Image: Shutterstock / Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

In the house, the beautiful Galgo Espanol is usually very balanced and cozy - provided it gets enough occupancy. The loving dog is very attached to its owners and is a loyal friend to them.

Galgo Espanol: a loving character

A loving family connection is a must for the empathic greyhound from Spain. As much as he loves his owners, he is often reserved towards strangers. Forcing the dog to be petted is almost impossible. This sensitive dog should not come with hardness either, because he reacts fearfully to her.

Outside, the Galgo Espanol comes to life, especially when it can run long, long distances without a leash. Lively, lively, full of power, persistent and lightning fast, he enjoys having a good time and just as much fun watching the four-legged friend doing it. The dog is also full of temperament when playing. He is a clever and attentive animal, who misses nothing. A hunting instinct is usually part of its typical character.

A gentle, reserved dog

The encounter with other dogs should go smoothly with the Galgo Espanol, because the social, sociable four-legged friend is friendly towards other creatures. Dominance behavior is not at all one of his typical character traits and aggression is completely away from him.

Galgo Espanol: Spanish, sporty, beautiful

If something is scary to him, he tends to leave the dust - so be careful if you let your dog run without a leash. Since the dog tends to be anxious in general, good socialization, in which he learns as a puppy to assert himself and to deal with other dogs, is very important.

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