Parrots: why can the birds speak?

Parrots are arguably one of the funniest animals ever. The birds cheerfully patter words. Animals are said to speak like humans. But is it really so, and why do birds have this ability at all?

Parrot birds are very sociable and intelligent animals that communicate a lot with each other. As soon as the animals are alone, however, they seem bored and they start "saying" the owner's name or even entire sentences. In fact, the animals do not speak in the proper sense, they only imitate the sounds of humans. This ability is innate in animals. In the wild, parrots are very "talkative" from the ground up. The animals adopt certain sounds from the group in which they live, for example to impress the females. They also keep enemies away from their bodies: they imitate sounds from their enemies in order to frighten them.

Brightly colored bird life: a splash of color from nature

Why parrots speak: the tongue makes it possible

In captivity, the birds then begin to imitate the sounds of humans; it is in their nature to paw something. This is possible for the animals due to their vocal organs and especially the tongue. As with humans, the tongue, which is unusually large in parrots, is used to shape certain acoustic signals with a flick of the tongue.

However, it can be assumed that the parrots do not know what they are parroting - like the musical example in this video:

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