Piggy saves goat? Everything is just a fake!

All fake! The video went around the world: a pig saves a little goat from drowning. The hearts melted away and the media pounced on history worldwide. Now it turned out that the whole action was a fake. The background to the animal rescue operation was a promotion.

Now it is out: the piggy has lost its hero status and the world is poorer by a heartwarming story. After the video of the eagle robbing a child in Canada had (fortunately) turned out to be a fake, the heroic story of pigs and goats must now be banished to the realm of myths - or rather: the realm of advertising agencies. It was touted as a new comedy production in the USA.

Gang of pigs: Sweet piglets in all colors

Divers and rails made of plexiglass

The pig was specially trained for this cute fake video. In addition, the pink four-legged friend could not help but swim towards the goat screaming for help. An invisible "channel" under water made of plexiglass led the pig exactly where it should go: to the little kid - which in turn was not at risk, because a diver held it invisibly for us spectators and carried it with the pig Towards the shore.

If you want to watch the fake video again, you have the opportunity here. Perhaps you will succeed in suppressing the truth about the fake and continue to live with the comforting feeling of heroic love for animals.

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