Causes of matted fur in cats

If cats have matted fur after a walk outside, the causes can be harmless soiling. However, if the cat fur is permanently matted or is getting worse, the veterinarian is asked. Long-haired cats are more susceptible to matted fur - Image: Shutterstock / DreamBig

A matted fur in cats can be a symptom of illness if harmless causes are out of the question or if the felty areas spread and worsen. Do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian if you have any questions or doubts.

Matted fur in cats due to fat tail

Uncastrated cats in particular can suffer from the so-called fat tail, but occasionally neutered cats and female cats can also get matted fur on the base of the tail. The causes of the fat tail lie in inflamed sebum glands. The tail gland at the top of the base of the tail then produces too much secretion that settles in the cat's fur.

As a result, the pores can become clogged and inflammation and hair loss can occur. The risk of secondary infections from bacteria and fungi increases. With special care products, you can try to unravel the matted fur. If this does not work or if inflammation develops, you should seek veterinary advice.

Other causes of matted cat fur

Matted fur can also occur frequently in old cats if they are no longer able to move and can clean themselves. With long-haired cats, this is also the case with younger, healthy animals if you do not support them in grooming. For this reason, you should groom house tigers in the senior age or with long fur every day with a soft brush and ask your veterinarian about other suitable care products.

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You should never treat stubborn matting that cannot be removed by brushing and care. The risk of hurting your cat or hurting her is too great.

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