Insurance for cats: which are there?

Certain insurance for cats can make sense. Every cat lover knows that, whose purring four-legged friend has already caused high costs - be it at the veterinarian or in the event of damage. The usual cat insurance policies are liability insurance and cat health insurance. Here you will find all the necessary information on the subject. What do insurance policies for cats cover? - Image: Shutterstock / Pozezan

An estimated ten million cats live in Germany. Of course, the velvet paws sometimes get sick or cause property damage and even personal injury. In such cases, the resulting bills can be very expensive in the worst case and are no longer financially manageable for some pet owners. Insurance for cats jump in here.

Liability insurance covers damage

The general pet owner liability insurance is generally there to cover third-party claims if your cat is responsible for property damage or personal injury. Of course, a cat can damage objects such as shoes or furniture upholstery. However, this damage is usually so small that, unlike dog liability insurance, it is not really worth paying a monthly contribution for a cat. Personal injuries that result in serious injuries are also far from likely in cats.

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Cat health insurance: two types

Insurance for cats is also available in the healthcare sector. A distinction is made between two types of cat health insurance: surgery insurance and full insurance.
Surgery insurance is responsible for the costs of mandatory surgical interventions, although the scope of benefits here varies from provider to provider. For example, while some organizations pay for preventive and aftercare costs, others do not offer insurance for cats.

The benefits of full insurance cover not only the cost of operational interventions but also all other areas; including outpatient and inpatient treatments, laboratory costs and the financial outlay for medication. Attention: In general, full insurance is not profitable! The monthly costs are simply too high, as an investigation by “Stiftung Warentest” 2011 found.

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