The dog should stay outside? Tips for keeping dogs

A dog can be kept outside under certain conditions. However, there are strict regulations so that the animal feels good outdoors and does not suffer. The following tips reveal which these are. A comfortable dog house is essential for dogs outside - Image: Shutterstock / Kichigin

If you want to keep your dog outside, you must be able to ensure that it is doing well in the wild. He definitely needs a suitable shelter, enough space and protection from wind and weather.

Design dog space outdoors in a species-appropriate manner

Both the shelter and the outside area for the dog must always be kept clean. In addition, the space must be large enough overall, so for a medium-sized animal, it should have at least eight square meters of free space as well as a dog house or a similar shelter.

The food and water bowls must also be clean and made of material that is harmless to health. In addition, it is imperative that you ensure that your pet cannot injure itself outside. For this reason, strangled collars and spiked collars are strictly prohibited and normal, narrow collars are also prohibited for animal welfare reasons if you want to keep the dog with a connection outside. This is only possible with a wide collar that does not cut in, or even better with a harness. The connection must be such that the four-legged friend can move easily without hurting himself.

Shelter and shelter for the dog

You cannot keep your dog outside without a suitable shelter. The shelter must offer protection against drafts, cold, wet, heat and strong sunlight. Appropriate thermal insulation and a stable construction of the dog kennels, which is appropriate to the size of the dog, are therefore basic requirements.

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The dog house must also be cleaned regularly so that no bugs can get into it. Furthermore, you should take your dog for a walk every day and look after him and check the system several times a day despite being kept outdoors.

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