German Shepherd touching orphan kitten

"I won't let you down!" The German shepherd "Brooke" proves impressively when her owner raises a few orphaned kittens with the bottle. Look how lovingly the great dog cares for her helpless

Tiny ones cares.

Sam, Suzie, Savannah and Sky are the names of the little velvet paws that have been hand-raised by a dear animal friend. She had a wonderful assistant: While she regularly fed the little ones with the bottle, the warm-hearted dog lady took care of warming, cleaning and protecting the baby animals like a real mom.

You can see in the great video that they were a great help to the kittens in difficult times: They cuddle with confidence in the much larger dog and prefer to sleep in its thick fur. What luck for the four kittens who, thanks to the great care, have all grown up to be strong.

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