Jack Russell Terrier: A lively character

The Jack Russell Terrier is a lively, active little bundle of energy. Its lively character through and through makes it a popular dog, which is nevertheless only suitable for beginners to a limited extent. You can read why here. A bundle of energy: The Jack Russell Terrier - Image: Shutterstock / vit plus

The Jack Russell Terrier is a lovely dog, the behavior of which strongly depends on whether he gets enough workload and activity for his head. He is also very sensitive - finding the right amount of things with him requires a lot of dog experience.

Jack Russell Terrier: dog with strong character

The "Jacky" is a confident, brave dog who knows how to assert himself. He can also be energetic and stubborn - in any case he is a four-legged friend who knows what he wants and is usually equipped with a good portion of hunting instinct.

He is a clever, hard-working little four-legged friend and a real workhorse, because after all he was bred as a hunting dog. If you are looking for a calm dog, this terrier is at the wrong address. He is extremely lively, always attentive and often very bell-happy due to his vigilance.

Small sports cannon and friendly family dog

In addition to a lot of activity, the Jack Russell Terrier also needs a lot of exercise because it has a lot of stamina. The funny little four-legged friend also loves walking on a bike or horse. In addition, he is of course a great athlete, which he can express in a wide variety of sports adapted to his size.

Small powerhouse: Jack Russell Terrier in action

One of the dog's favorite pastimes is digging and the Jack Russell Terrier is also a huge water fan. If you can offer him everything he needs, he has a friendly, funny and child-loving family dog ​​with whom he can walk through thick and thin.

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