Oriental shorthair and their attitudes

If you want to offer the Oriental Shorthair a species-appropriate attitude, you should offer your family connection, plenty of space to play and company by a fellow species. What else you should pay attention to to make this cat happy, read here. The oriental shorthair is a curious, active cat - Image: Shutterstock / Rita Kochmarjova

If you are considering the attitude of an oriental shorthair, you should be prepared to deal with a small whirlwind. An attitude as a house cat is possible, but one in which the charming, happy cat has a lot of activity and always someone to cuddle and play with.

Oriental Shorthair: A lot of care is important

The oriental shorthair needs a lot of attention and closeness to humans and animals. It makes sense to get a pair of siblings or at least two cats with a similar temperament right from the start. The cat also has an incredibly strong bond with its human being and should be left alone as little as possible.

Posture in the apartment: tips

The agile oriental shorthair needs a little more space than a calm cat breed like the Persian cat. A large, cat-safe apartment with lots of climbing and scratching opportunities as well as a few viewpoints is ideal for them. The velvet paw loves to play, so its owners should definitely take their time every day. A great change is learning tricks for them, for example at Cat Agility.

Orientals with free access

The beautiful cat is also happy to have free access, but prefers to be out and about in the warmer seasons because she has a very thin, short coat that makes her sensitive to the cold. If you cannot or do not want to grant her unattended clearance, you can also try to get used to walking on a leash.

Burma, Siam and Co: exotic cat breeds

So that your room tiger does not get away while walking, you should on the one hand pay attention to very good, safe cat dishes, and on the other hand, slowly and carefully approach the habituation phase.

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