Heartbreaking: blind cat Stevie on a hike

This story goes to your heart: Even though Stevie the cat is blind, she cannot be stopped from going on a hike with her owner. And as this video shows, dear Miez is not afraid to explore the world without eyesight.

It is early in the morning, just before half past seven and cat Stevie can be happy: her owner wants to go on a hike in the mountains with her. This is a wonderful experience for the blind velvet paw, after all, she loves to discover the world. The car takes you into the countryside, where the pretty four-legged friend and her owner go for a long walk together.

Despite its handicap, the velvet paw climbs a small mountain with its owner, runs across meadows, hops over stones and confidently explores the area. Stevie is by no means scared on her tour, but also turns a lap on the hill without her owner. A real fighter, the Stevie!

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