Happy Birthday, Maru! Nice moments with the hangover

On the occasion of his eighth birthday, the owners of tomcat Maru created a video that shows how fun everyday life with this cheeky cat has been in recent years. A great idea!

Tom Maru turned eight years old and of course that had to be celebrated. In a video, the owners of the curious velvet paw show what they have experienced with it so far. And of course this compilation shows Maru's great passion: cardboard boxes.

The cheeky racer loves to sleep or hop in it or use it as a platform for a daring jump. But of course Maru also likes plastic boxes, trash cans and cupboards - everything in which to hide or take a nap in peace. The famous YouTube star is always good for a surprise and provides hours of fun. You just have to love Maru! All the best for the next years of life, sweet cheeky badger!

Ten reasons why you have to love Maru

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