Taro, Maru, May, Michelle: Siblings celebrate 4th birthday

The cats May and Michelle as well as the cats Maru and Taro are siblings. They live with six other fur noses in a large cat flat share in Japan and in the video they celebrate their fourth birthday with their parents and friends. Her mom is a Scottish Fold lucky cat named Mu and her dad is a red tabby house cat called Kojiro.

There is even a birthday cake for the festive occasion for Michelle, May, Maru and Taro. However, the cake is more for decorative purposes ... Nevertheless, it is a nice gesture. The four siblings and their parents have a good time together with the Osamu fluffy cat, the Musashi tabby cat and the Lulu tiger cat, as well as the Mi-Ke cat with the black and red polka dots and the white speck. Nice, such a birthday dinner among friends!

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