Feeding cats properly: you should keep this in mind

How you properly feed your cat depends primarily on the life circumstances of your favorite. Because how much and what food your velvet paw needs varies individually. A few important tips can help protect your cat from being overweight or deficient.

A healthy and happy development of your animal partner is only possible if you feed your cat correctly; improper nutrition can lead to serious health problems. If you are unsure about your cat's diet, you should definitely consult with your veterinarian. Otherwise, the following tips will help.

Feeding the cat correctly: individual requirements

Which food is the right one depends, among other things, on the age of your velvet paw. For example, kittens require different food than seniors over eight years of age because the need for nutrients varies. Here it is important to pay attention to the correct composition. Read more about this in the guides: "Cat food for young cats: You should pay attention to this" and "Proper food for old cats: health status decides". The activity of the animal is also decisive for the type and amount of food. A climber who loves climbing can eat more than a cozy parlor tiger.

Always make sure that your cat is well, because bored or stressed animals eat even when they are actually not hungry - the result is often overweight. Tip: Let your darling "work" for his food by earning it while playing. This creates variety and movement. Always serve cat food at room temperature - never straight from the fridge. If the food is too cold, house tigers do not tolerate it very well and are not very popular.

How often to feed?

Many cat owners ask: How often should I feed my cat? This also depends on the age and activity of the salon lion. It is important that you adapt the "predator feeding" to the natural prey behavior of the cat. This means that several small meals a day are better than one large one. Feed several times a day, about two or three times, and also provide a small night meal to keep your metabolism happy.

Feeding cats in a multi-cat household individually: reasons

In a multi-cat household, it is sometimes necessary to feed cats individually. If for example…

The environment must also be right

Feeding a cat properly also means setting up a permanent feeding place that it can get used to. Choose an undisturbed place, protected from drafts, where the cat feels safe. The bowls should always be clean. Picky velvet paws in particular turn up their nose at food or even detergent residues. Of course, the water bowl should not be missing either. However, this does not belong in the immediate vicinity of the feeding area. Cats are used to walking a bit to their "water hole". Therefore, keep at least a few meters away from the feeding place. Regular feeding times are also important for free-time users. They also come from very far to get their food at the usual time.

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